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15 Must have WordPress plugins for bloggers 2019


Hello Readers, WordPress blogging is a great source. Most of the websites There is also one plug-in for adding one feature to WordPress’s popular reason.

WordPress has a lot of features for this one of my plugins that we have been confused with.

Use the plugins for the features.

best free social media plugins for WordPress To use the blog traffic, I use it here. If you are interested in blogging, then you can add more traffic to your blog.

I did not want to post a comment on my WordPress attribute. If you do not read or read to.

But we can help with social media. You know that some of your internet business is important.

The best and free social media plugins that can be used to increase traffic on the internet.

A lot to do with the blog post on more readers and traffic to help with social media. Social media marketing is a great way to go There are many benefits to social media. A professional blogger can communicate with you.

Social traffic is the second highest source of traffic management.

More Twitter, Facebook, and Google are the most common social networking sites. If you want to promote your blog, then you can get traffic.

In this below every Plugins is important for bloggers.


To get started with social media or traffic, you must first make the most of the social media sharing icons on the blog.

If you are interested in reading this article, you can share your articles with your friends. Share your visitor to social media by clicking on the link.

I have a blog view on the page views and your blog’s traffic has improved.  readers can also help with social media engagement.

If you are trying to translate the WordPress WordPress to your WordPress home page, you can download it for free and premium plugins available.

You can install and activate your blog. Same is a blogger or a social media widget.

What can I do in blog writing?

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I have a WordPress plugin that can be used to translate the WordPress plugin.

I have been able to install some of the social media plugins for my plug-ins that have installed and activated the WordPress plugin. You can showcase all of the social media sharing icons on your site.

Top 15  Plugin For WordPress:

I have only received a list from top 5 plugins.which is popular and easy to install plugins.

If you have started blogging on your blog, you can install any social media plugins from your site.

15 Must have WordPress plugins for bloggers:

  • Akismet WordPress Plugin.
  • Sumome.
  • Share This.
  • Simple Share Buttons Adder.
  • WP Social Sharing.
  • Wordfence Security.
  • UpDraftPlus Backup and Restoration.
  • Best SEO Plugin – Yoast SEO.
  • Jetpack by WordPress.
  • Best Image Compressor – WP Smush.
  • Best Caching Plugin – W3 Total Cache.
  • TinyMCE Advanced.
  • Best Redirection Plugin – Redirection.
  • Contact Form 7.
  • wp-forms

1.Akismet WordPress Plugin:

Akismet is a powerful plugin. Yah plugin will install it. Yah plugin helps to filter spam comments. You have the right to handle spam comments.

Most spam comments are automatically generated or have been manually commented.

Your site’s image can be down and search engines can rank down. The first and useful plugin for WordPress Does not install it.


Sumome is a popular and free WordPress plugin.

This Social media plugin is the preferred plugin for WordPress bloggers.

There are 100,000+ active users for these reasons. Use this plugin to add and share blogs. Simply install the plugin you want to install.

Most of the bloggers use this word for social media plugins.

There are plenty of features available in the Sumo store. Jese’s List Builder, Share, Welcome Mat, Scroll Box, Image Share, Highlighter.

3.Share This:

ShareThis is a free sharing tool that allows you to easily apply blogs. Aur Blog can increase traffic and reader engagement This plugin has 100,000+ active users.

I can add a blog to my blog from the steps of installing plug-ins that can be installed in WordPress.

There are 80 different social networking sites on your keyboard.

You can show me the following post, flying buttons (header, footer, right/left sidebar).

4.Simple Share Buttons Adder:

The simple share buttons are simple and useful WordPress plugin. If you want to share your blog with simple sharing buttons, then this plugin will be helpful.

  • This is free social media plugins
  • Very lightweight.
  • Various image sets.
  • Support for custom images.

5.WP Social Sharing:

WP social sharing plugins can connect you to 6 major social networks. This plugin has been used to add and use.

Share buttons me Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is included.

In the Plugin’s Settings menu, you will be able to automatically show your own share buttons. You can choose which buttons to share buttons, pages, media or custom post type me.


  • Supports 6 of the main social networks
  • Allows you to customize social button text
  • Resizes for mobile devices.
  • Add Twitter usernames to your tweets.
  • Add share buttons using a shortcode.

6.Wordfence Security:

Wordfence security plugin is available to help secure the WordPress website.

For Wordfence security, please install WordPress. Many users are going to have to go to the website of my website to not get any help from the website, nor do I have a website within one month, or I want to delete the malicious code and then delete all posts.

This will show you how to find out more about this plugin. The hackers’ attack or the unknown login has been reported to the plugin email. If you get a problem, please fix the problem quickly.

7.UpDraftPlus Backup and Restoration:

Our website is hosted on a web hosting server.

The hosting server has been referencing it. If your site does not crash for any reason, you can still get a problem.

This is a WordPress me upDraftPlus backup and restoration plugin available.

Our website is hosted on a web hosting server. The hosting server has been referencing it. If your site does not crash

8.Best SEO Plugin – Yoast SEO:

You can not add any plugins to your plug-in using the WordPress WordPress plugin. Yoast SEO helps me improve my blog from the basic level of my blog.

Yoast is a great way to add a great content to your WordPress site. Yah plugins to title, description, a content of length, keywords and other things. And you get a better result.

9.Jetpack by WordPress:

Automattic has launched a plugin for WordPress. To install WordPress, you have to upgrade your jetpack and app by default. Please install the plugin you want to install.

This multi-feature plugin has a great way to help you with the site. Automattic has launched a plugin for WordPress. To install WordPress, you have to upgrade your jetpack and app by default.

Please install the plugin you want to install. Yah multi-feature plugin has a great way to help you with the site.

10.Best Image Compressor – WP Smush:

WP Smush can help to compress the size of the images of the images. For sites loading speed, these images had compressed. The size of the big size of the image has increased.

The content of the website is loaded, but it does take some time to load images. WP Smush is going to optimize the website speed

11.Best Caching Plugin – W3 Total Cache:

If you want to go to the website speed, then the W3 Total Cache plugin has been added.

This can easily improve the performance of the website.

Use the WordPress plugin directory to access your cache plugin. I did not get help The W3 Total Cache plugin is fully customized.

12.Best Redirection Plugin – Redirection:

Redirection is a WordPress plugin that lets you manage 301 redirects.

If you want to change your permalink after that, then you will not be able to link backlinks to the permalink.

You can easily change the 301 redirections from the plugin and change your permissions.

13.TinyMCE Advanced:

WordPress’s default editor window is the only blog that has a limited number of functions.

TinyMCE Advanced plugins can increase the power of the editor window functions.

The toolbar has made with the assistance of the editorial manager in the supervisor window.

Features can change your font size. Find and replace, have tables inserted and features.

14.Contact Form 7:

If you want to create a contact form for WordPress, please contact us here.

Contact form 7 lets you add a simple contact form to the WordPress blog.

This WordPress Plugin Directory is a great plugin for my contact form.

But contact form 7 can help configure site from the beginner.


WP-forms offer the best contact forms for plugins, and the plugin offers all the customization options.

Wpforms can also use the Events for Plug-ins for ca ontact form.

Wp-forms can be downloaded from the forms of your registration form, and you have the option to purchase tickets for your visitors’ website visitors.

Wpforms can connect with Google Calendar. WPforms me as an option to drag and drop.

Use WPforms to apply the Event Feature to your Google Account.

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You can use the WordPress plugin for the top 10 plugin list.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to introduce a module or introduce a module, you will even now have the capacity to introduce this article.

You can bookmark the WordPress Plugins List article and use the WordPress plugin to make it mandatory.

Your article related to any questions you may have received from your comment.

If you want to share this information with us, please subscribe to this question.

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