8 killer Blogger Seo Tips for 2018-19:

8 killer Blogger Seo Tips for 2018-19:

Welcome to my blog Hello readers. In this article, I’ll talk about how to set up your SEO blogger. There are 11 blogger SEO tips for murderers I cover in this article. I hope that you like it. Did you know how the blogger setup?

If you know it’s good, but if you don’t go all the way. I explain all tips that are useful for your blog or website in SEO. Before I write this article, I have some research on how I search the Blogger Platform for my blog.

Then I notice that everyone explains, but nobody explains. There are several small settings to set up, but we don’t see that. This is the biggest mistake in our blog search.


Each website or blog has its own title. We can not set our title property when we launch a new website or blog on Blogger or WordPress. That’s the biggest mistake we can make.

Did you know how to use your blog or website to write a proper title? If you don’t worry, I’m explaining this in depth. When you decide to write Tittle on your website, it’s related to your domain name, it’s created properly.

For example, if your domain name is ” HealthTips.com, ” then your title is identical to your domain name like-“Health Tips”.It was the proper way to write your Title Tag.


The description is the second key step in Blogger SEO. You must write at least 150 characters or less when you write your description. This is the right way to write a blog description. Did you know, how can we write our blog description correctly?

Almost every new blogger did not know how to write a description on our blog. I can help you with no worries. What’s your blog at first. If your blog is related to ” health tips, ” you write correctly what tips you explain or write your blog. If you write the correct description, your visitor knows what’s on your blog and what’s on the topic. A correct description helps boost your blog traffic. You can, therefore, write the details.


.The most important SEO blogger tips are HTTPS. Did you know what HTTPS is all about? Let me explain, HTTPS defined as ” HYPERTEXT TRANSFER PROTOCOL SECURE ” is a secure HTTP version. It is a communication between the browser and the website that is encrypted.HTTPS provides SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) for your Website. Which secure your Website for Attackers.

So you have to take an HTTPS SSL for your blog when we start a blog or a website. Which is to make your website safe. Did you know how Blogger can you take it? Let me tell you,

When you open the basic setting of your blogger, you can see the HTTPS option right and then see the availability of your HTTPS. If it’s No you can then change it Yes. Now your website is placed on SSL blogger’s request. Your website is stopped at that time to recover. In 24 hours, your website converts HTTP to HTTPS.No you go down and change your HTTPS redirect option again. Now your website is Properly working on HTTPS.

This is the proper way to setting Blogger HTTPS.

4)TimeZone :

Time zone is also important Blogger SEO tips. When we start a new Blog or Website, we can not change our time zone. If your website is Made in Indian Zone, you can change your Time zone as an example: (GMT + 5:30 India Standard Time). Then your blog is properly working Settings on Blogger Timezone.

5)Search Preferences:

These are the major steps for your website or blog. All new creators repeatedly create a Blog post and post. But you can not properly set your search preferences. Blogger SEO is helpful.

If you want to write your search engine blog top. You must set your search preferences properly.

6)Meta Tages:

Meta Tags is also called ” Meta Description. ” You can not rank your blog or website on the top of the search engine without a proper meta description. Did you know what Meta Tages is? When you see a website or blog you must be aware that we write 1)Permalink 3)Meta description at first.

Explaining meta tag below on the pictures.

When we search for a website or blog, we see what your blog or website is all about. It explains the details of your blog. This is called Meta Description. So we have to write a proper Meta Description, which is known to our viewers. It works also in Blogger SEO.

7)Custom robots.txt:

CustomRobots.txt is important also for the SEO blogger. Did you know what custom Robots.txt is?. Let me explain by adding your website to the Google program when you create a website or blog Google or Bing system. It’s important therefore for Blogger SEO. How can you set a big question for your custom robots.txt? Each new blogger error is added by custom robots.txt.

You can see a lot more website to create your layout. Google Webmaster Generator is my best opinion. Put your website link on this website and generate your Sitemap or Custom robots.txt and paste it into the settings of your blogger.

8)Custom robots header tags:

Blogger SEO also has important custom robot header tags. It’s easy to manage or configure. Did you know how to set up the header tags for custom robots? Let me explain first how your site can be ranked on the Google search engine.

You must be set up SET up custom robots header tags, for example :

Home – 1)all 2)no ODP.

Archive and Search Pages – 1)no index 2)no ODP.

The default for posts and pages – 1)all 2)no ODP.

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