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Best keyword ranking checker free:¬†Do you want to check your website’s Google keyword ranking? However, this is the most common question asked in the SEO industry.

There are numerous site proprietors who need to realize how to check site watchword ranking in Google.

Google Keyword Ranking: Please check out the keywords that have been added to your keywords.

I could not successfully complete blogging because I did not have a successful keyword.

So, a perfect keyword is selected as the first post. For blog traffic, this blog has been updated and its ranking has changed.

But it does not make any sense to bloggers with keywords. I do not even know what?

One keyword research takes me 10-15 minutes of time.

Google Keyword Optimizer to search more keywords, SEMrush has many tools to search for.

you got me right Bloggers have been searching for keywords that are related to search engine optimization keywords such as keywords, where you can add organic traffic to your blog.

Show your search on the search engine next to the search engine.

If you are interested in researching keywords, please check your keywords for search engine rankings.

Do you want to check your website’s Google keyword ranking?

However, this is the most common question asked in the SEO industry.

There are numerous site proprietors who need to realize how to check site watchword ranking in Google.

Today in this tutorial, I am going to share the 5 best keyword rank checker tool which can help you in checking the Google keyword ranking.

Why Google keyword ranking should be checked:

It is very important to choose the right keywords in SEO.

In addition, it is important to ensure that your site is positioned on the correct watchwords.

If your site is too old and the keywords you use are not relevant and outdated, your Google rankings and website traffic will have a significant influence.

Pay attention to your own search behavior.

You try to use fancy or more inaccessible language for your answer in the search query.

Many users who use different keyword variations for the same question and therefore always change keywords and keyword phrases.

You should, therefore, update your keywords from time to time and check the ranking of the Google keywords.

In addition, to improve the SEO website, you need to properly manage the keywords on your site and it is important to find out which keywords rank for your site so that you can work better on the keyword ranking. search engines increases.

To do this, you need a keyword rank checker tool to check your website’s keyword ranking.

Top 7 Websites Google Keyword Ranking Check:

Checking the Google keyword ranking for target keywords for bloggers or website owners is very important.

In any case, many bloggers do not use target catch phrases for their substance, which is the biggest mistake.

You can use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Long Tail Pro,, Google AutoComplete Tool, Answer the Public to find good keywords for your content.

Following the composition of your SEO-friendly substance with target catchphrases, it is very important to track its keyword rankings and search engine ranking.

Here are probably the best watchword rank checker instruments:

1.Google Search Console:


Google Search Console is an amazing device that Google has created.

It tracks the search performance of your site and the statistics on how your site performs on Google.

To check the status of Google keywords, log in to the Google Search Console tool and click Search Traffic > > Search Analytics and check the checkbox Position.

Here you’ll see a rundown of watchwords for your website.


SEMrush is a great tool for analyzing keywords.

It helps to determine what people are looking for on your website and more.

Just type in your website URL or blog post URL The keywords currently classified for your site will be displayed.

SEMRUSH is the best search engine keyword rank checker tool for seeing keyword position.


SERPWatcher is also a very good ranking tracking tool for any domain to track the keyword position.

Mongols have developed it.

You can check the positioning of the catchphrase depending on the geolocation and the device.5


This is the best alternative for SEMrush that lets you monitor your site with many features such as Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Research, Content Research, and Rank Tracking.

Like SEMrush, it works.

Just enter the URL of your website or the blog entry URL.

It will check the positioning motto on your site. In addition, you can check the rankings that depend on the country.


You can check the ranking for a specific keyword in Google and Bing using SEOCentro.

This provides you with a full description of any keyword.

You can also see the location-based keyword position.

6.Google Rank Checker:

Google Rank Checker is a free online tool for tracking keywords.

You can see the looks of the screen.

1. Add keywords to your keywords

2. Enter the URL of your site URL and

3. Click on Keyword Keyword to check.

What is the position of a search engine on a Google search phrase?

7.SERPs Keyword Rank Checker:

SERPs Keyword Rank Checker is a free control tool for keyword rank.

This allows you to check the ranking of keywords in Google or Yahoo search engines with more than 100 languages.

It also displays CPC and searches volumes for any keyword or sentence.

Check out the form for Google Keyword ranking.

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