[DP Full Form] What is the Full Form Of DP?

Hello Readers, Do you know what is the full form of DP? If you know about DP Full form that’s great. But if you don’t know about DP full form(Wiki) then Don’t worry Here I will discuss What is DP? or Dp fills for etc. If you interested to know about DP related all information then you can visit the right place.


DP is basically used for Facebook, WhatsApp, and other Social Media platform. But Every platform has its own way to change the DP.

What is DP? DP Full Form

The full form of DP is Display Picture. In social Media Platform when we use New id then we need to upload our DP for our Identification. In Today’s world, we can use every Word in a simple form like Okey is ok and DP is Display Picture. So less time to manage to write a post or message.

A lot of people don’t know about DP full form. We use DP for different social media platform but we don’t know what is the full form of DP. If you are an internet user then you must know the actual meaning of DP.

In different topics, we know the different name for that DP. For example, computer science students for DP is called Data Processing. And For Mathematics students, DP is called a Dirichlet Process.

Generally when you asked people for the DP full form then everyone says that Desktop Picture. This is not an Actual full form of DP.

Types Of DP: DP Full form

There are different types of DP on every social media platform. we use DP in all the Social Media Profile Picture. Simply users Profile Picture is called a DP (Display Picture).

  1. Whats app messenger using DP(Profile photo, Status)
  2. Facebook Profile DP(Profile Photo, Post, etc)
  3. Instagram Profile DP( Profile and Post etc)

What is the Benefits Of Using DP? DP Full form

There are three main factors to using DP(Display Picture) For social Media and Messenger Account, which is called as a NIP.

Did you know what is NIP?

  • N: N means Name( Profile name)
  • I: ID (Email, Username, Phone number)
  • P: Profile Picture(pp)

In social Media Platform When we use In this three-factor then we will find someone easily. Every user of social media has its own Name, ID Or Profile Picture.

But did you know what is the most benefits of DP is? When we find someone on social media then a lot of people have the same name but when we use DP without knowing his/her name or Id we find that person through DP (Display Picture).

The most Benefits of using DP is when we received an unknown Message then we know about that person through his/her DP(Display Picture), who message us.

How to change the DP on Facebook? 

Here I will teach you how you can change your Facebook Profile photo?

  • Open your Facebook Account.
  • Now you have seen a box on the left side.
  • Click the box.
  • Here you will see a Profile Update Option, simply click the update button.
  • Now Click upload button.
  • Now you can select one photo and click set.
  • Now your photo will be successfully changed.

How to change the DP on What’s App? 

Now I will teach you to step by step how you can change your whats app profile picture

  • First, When you will change your profile picture, you can open your what’s app.
  • Now You click 3 Dot of your Whats app dashboard.
  • Next step is to Click the settings.
  • After you click on Settings then Enter Your name first and then click the camera option.
  • Next step go to your gallery and choose a photo and click ok.
  • Similarly, Your Photo will change.


So this is all about DP(Display Picture). I think a lot of people don’t know what is DP. A lot of people misunderstanding about DP. When you asked someone the DP full form then their answer is Desktop Picture. But the actual meaning is not Desktop Picture, Its Display Picture. For Social Media Awareness, we have to know that the actual Meaning Of DP.So this is the short post for Display Picture(DP). If you like my article Please Share this on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and all social media platform.

Also, See the Video Below:

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