How to Buy the Best Domain and register Custom domain on Blogger 2018-19:




How to Buy the Best Domain and register a Custom domain on Blogger 2018-19:

Welcome to my site, Hello friends. I shared a lot of knowledge about how to set up a blog or website in the previous articles. Then we talk about how to choose a good and profitable niche for blogging. If you first didn’t read this article you read it because you understand how actually start you as a new blogger.

So in this article, I’m talking about how you can always buy a domain name at a cheap price and how you can buy a high CF or a high TF domain name at the lowest price.

If you don’t know what CF and TF are, don’t worry I’ll talk about it all. Basically, CF means the flow of citations. Citation flow is the number of domains or websites that connect to another domain.

This article, I ‘ll provide you with a website that you can buy a CF or TF domain. Another is TF.TF means Flow of Trust. Basically, Trust Flow is how many websites link to your websites, which means how many backlinks you link to your websites. Backlines are so important to your blog or website that your site ranks increase.

So I’ll give you thousands of domain names with Backlink in this article. And also talk about After you buy a domain name, how to register the custom domain for Blogger.

Discussion :


Before I start writing How to buy a domain, I tell you one thing, did you know what the domain name is? I think everybody knows what the domain name is. Let me know, Domain is essentially a name. Everyone has a right to their own name. So we make a website and we have a website name. The domain name is called. When we make the site, people are aware of that name. So, for our name, we must have a domain name.

So, our website must have a domain name. Each website has its own domain name, such as, All the domain names have their own property and your domain name will be marketed in the future.  If you grow with your domain name in future it’s going on a Brand Of your website.

There is now a question about how to purchase a domain name with a minimum price or a high CF or TF domain? I, therefore, have some website name or tools that you can purchase a domain name at a minimum cost.

Method No 1: 

If you buy a domain name with Goddy or Bigrock or Namecheap, I ‘ll provide you with a domain and hosting coupon called Honey. It is the only tool you can apply for a lot of coupons to buy a domain.

Method No 2:

In my second method, you join various Facebook pages or groups that you have many coupons to apply to purchase a domain. I bought plenty of coupons to purchase a domain. Through both methods, I bought a lot of different domain at a cheap price.

Now the question is how you can find high authority domain purchases. In this article, I’ll discuss how I can purchase a high authority domain share.

I knew a website that I used to purchase a high – level domain. This website’s name is ” ” There are many domains such as. COM,.IN,.NET and so on. All domains can be purchased and used as your domain on this website. I have to publish a video on the Blog tech online youtube channel on how to select a domain from


Every new blogger faces a problem that how they can link their domain from to I am explaining to you how you can set by step-

1)Sign In your domain buying website(ex:

2)Now you open “Manage option” and click DNS.then you will see the all domain setup page.

3)After the DNS page. Open Blogger “Basic settings” and you can notice that your free domain “”.Now click the below link Custom domain setup. Then you will see a new page which is asked your domain name to put it.

4)After Putting Domain name, You will see four different types of code.


5)Now go to Godaddy or Domain buying Website and put all the codes on the DNS system.

6)Now your website properly links GoDaddy to Blogger.

Conclusion : 

Finally, I’ll share all three methods you can use and purchase your domain and setup with you. Basically, it’s not so difficult to set up and find a domain, but let me explain one thing if your website doesn’t have a high – level domain. So you must choose which domain types it will create a brand for you in the future. If you like my article, please share it and any query below.

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Hi, my Name is Abhijit Sarma. I am a Passionate and Pro Blogger from India. I would Like To Share My experience of my Blogging and some Tutorials like Blogging, Technology Adsense, Tips & Tricks, SEO Etc.

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