How To Make a WordPress Website in 2019

How To Make a WordPress Website in 2019: Hello Readers, At first welcome to my blog.

All my experience of my blogging knowledge I share with you best way to make a WordPress website or Blog.

At first, I asked a question for you that are you a blogger?

You are already a blogger then I hope you have knowledge about WordPress.

As a blogger when we running a blog there are a lot of mistakes we have done.

one simple mistake we have a lot of problems.

Make a website by learning to register a domain, set up web hosting, and install/use WordPress.

No experience required.

Pick the right domain name for your website.

– Get your site hosting setup

– Create a blog to get a development website

– Learn to add and handle content on your own website

– Understand how to create an internet site from scratch in only a couple of hours.

No coding and no expertise.

With WordPress, you could make a business web site to create an online presence, generate leads, or sell products.

You might also make a website for your own personal brand to showcase your expertise, work, and achievements.

Last, but not least, WordPress is the perfect platform for making a blog.

WordPress makes it effortless to add and edit blog articles from several writers, complete with pictures, videos, audio, together with other media.

Including these subjects:

What you need to make an internet website

  1. What’s a site domain name.
  2. How how to register a web site domain name.
  3. what’s website hosting.
  4. How to find and set up the lowest priced site hosting.
  5. what’s WordPress – How to set up WordPress.
  6. what’s a sub-domain.
  7. How to use the WordPress dash panel and toolbar.
  8. How to discover and personalize a WordPress theme.
  9. Use plugins – How how to utilize plugins.
  10. Edit and add posts.
  11. create and personalize menus.
  12. Add pictures, video, audio, alongside other media.

No worries, even if this it doesn’t offer the value you expected,

you might find a complete refund within 1 month.

You do not need a pc science degree and you do not need to pay a developer thousands of dollars to produce a beautiful, professional own website.

This is the course I wish I’d when I first started making websites.

In this article, I will solve all the query about How to start a WordPress website.

Why You start Blog?

When people start blogging, there are two reasons:

  1. You want to help people do something from your blog. It’s a Good way to help people who find something on the internet. You can share your Knowledge through the blog.
  2. Make Money From blog. This is a Career option or a Job who makes you Millioner.

Most Important Things to Start a Blog Or Website:

  • Niche.

  • Domain Name.

  • Hosting.


Niche is the first thing to start a blog or Website.

When you start a blog then you must know about what topic with to start a blog.

I am already discussing Top 10 Profitable Niche To Start Blogging 2018-19

So, Find your interest best niche and open a blog.

Did you know?

All over World, who Earn Millions of Money From blogging, which runs their blog for his/her interest based.

That’s the reason People Earn Millions. who knows one day you are the Millionaire.

Why Interest based Blogging Make Profit?

  • You write Deeply
  • Publish More Content.
  • You can add more value to Your Post.

Don’t pick up a Niche, which other can make more that post.

Because of he or she Expert for that particular Topic that why they succeed.

Most Popular Blog Topics:

  • How To Make Money
  • Personal Finance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food
  • Beauty and Fashion

This is the most profitable niche to start blogging in 2019.

if you interested in those particular topics then you will be a success in blogging.

Let’s talk about our next topic.

2.Domain:(what’s a site domain name)

A domain is just a Name or a Brand of your company, person or other related Names.

Did you know?

Choose a domain name for your blog is Most important.

Because one day that’s the name going on a Brand name on your Bussiness.

So, Choose a Good Domain for your Blog.

Did you Know?

The most People Buy your domain Like .xyz,.org.

If you have a business blog then you must buy a .com domain.

Because .com domains run all over the world.

when you are going on .in,.net then your competitor buy .com and you can’t beat them.

So, if you have money for affording .com domain then I must suggest buying the .com domain.

If you start a blog like an Event blog then you go on .net,.org,.info or .xyz.

what a domain name is and what a URL is or unique resource locator.

anyway, these are some terms that are banded around quite a lot and I use them in my tutorials.

but I’ve never really explained exactly what they mean for a start you may have noticed.

the main name is a name that you own on the internet and you basically register it with the domain registrar.

I recommend GoDaddy I’ll put a link up on the screen.

if you want to go and check them out highly recommended and very good prizes.

but yeah a domain name is basically it’s like your address or your phone number on the internet.

and each one is unique and I say it belongs to you and once you’ve got it.

as long as you keep renewing it’ll be yours forever now domain name usually only has one dot in it.

so it’ll be you know whatever calm or Microsoft calm cool calm whatever dotnet eBay dot isds.

whatever generally it’s a dot and then some letters after it apart from when you come to places like the UK.

where we have funny domain names where we have two dots so you might have a doctor at UK or dot org dot UK’.

but I think that’s the kind of the only exception so domain name year generally just has one dot.

and then it ends it’s got you know your words whatever you choose dot whatever and there’s quite.

a lot of whatever’s now let’s talk on net or blog dot London dot whatever you can think of ready so yeah it’s made up.

the two words generally and the dot in the middle and once you’ve aged it you can use.

if you email your websites and all sorts of thing now a URL is basically a very precise link and one set is basically just a link.

so it could just be a domain name on its own it could be you know Microsoft com or it could have other things attached to.

it so everyone but it could have the path to a direct page so maybe on the microsite, they’ve got an office page and URL for that would be Microsoft comm slash office.

so it’s made up there of a domain name and also a page but yeah a very simple speak URL is just a link so whenever you copy and paste a link from a website.

whatever on to Facebook whatever you are copying a URL so whenever you see a question make if you’re setting up a new website or registering something and

it asks for a URL that is basically just a link to whichever page they’re talking about.

and it could just be the root of your webpage so you know just your domain name or

it might be specific and be you know to a specific page which in which case.

How how to register a web site domain name:

Register a domain from,Or is a first process of new Bloggers or a Bussinessman, who creates a brand for their Business.

Let’s See how you can Register a domain with


2. Search Your Domain.

register a domain

3.when you search then you see a new page:

How how to register a web site domain name:


if you have not found your own wishing domain then you go to .in,.club,.net etc other domain.

4. Now the fourth step is that purchase your domain.simply click add to cart button and continue.

How To Make a WordPress Website in 2019

5. Now select your domain running year and simply buy with a credit card or debit card.

How To Make a WordPress Website in 2019

6.Now the Godaddy domain is yours.

3.Hosting:(what is website hosting)

what is web hosting amazing quite technical complex and maybe even intimidating but don’t worry it’s actually quite simple.

let’s start with something you’re more familiar with a website.

firstly let’s imagine you ask the web designer to design a website for you at this early stage the web site files are only stored on the web designers computer not the Internet.

the next crucial step would be for all your web files to be uploaded to a server.

which is connected to the Internet when all your web files are uploaded to your server then you’ll have a website.

which people will be able to see when you rent space on a server from a company like Hostgator and this is what we call web hosting.

Up to 50% Off On Web Hosting

there are three main types of web hosting that you can choose from

  1. Shared hosting 
  2. virtual servers and
  3. Three dedicated servers.

shared hosting is like paying rent to live in an apartment compared to other types of web hosting.

shared is the cheapest and is where most websites live like an apartment it comes with all the basics like email.

WordPress etc tools that enable you to easily run a website.

on your own, however, keep in mind that when you live in an apartment you share the facilities with lots of other tenants or other websites.

what you do can affect everybody else if your website becomes popular and gets lots of traffic lots of visitors then it’s possible that the apartment manager will suggest you move elsewhere.

The second type of hosting is a virtual server compared to an apartment this could be thought of like a townhouse.

it’s larger you have more rooms more space and more control than shared hosting again you share the property and its facilities such as processor usage but it has fewer residents.

you have more control and the rooms are soundproofed so if you get lots of visitors lots of traffic to your website then everything will be easier.

The third type of hosting is a dedicated server this is like being the king of your own castle and you are in charge you can paint the walls whatever color you want to build a pool or a tennis court in hosting terms.

This would be like you buying as many computing resources as you can afford to look after the dedicated servers are often favored by big businesses with popular websites.

They’re more complex to manage but they aren’t much more powerful.

you will have a huge amount of space so as long as you can cope then you can have as many visitors.

As you want well that’s web hosting renting space on a server which connects your website to the internet easy.

So whether you need web hosting for a small one page website or a large complex online store that’ll get millions of visitors then contact Hostgator today you.

How to find and set up the lowest priced site hosting:[HostGator]:

How to find and set up the lowest priced site hosting:[HostGator]

In my opinion, Hostgator is the best Website Hosting.

In this Article, We can explain why and how you can buy HostGator web hosting. Let’s see

Having run a successful self-publishing business, I thought it was high time I addressed one of my most valuable tools in a website.

Gone are the days when we could simply whip together any old free website, and expect our business to grow much.

That is the reason I thought I’d sparkle a focus on my web facilitating administration and area name expert video in HostGator.

Be that as it may, it ain’t all daylight and roses, I guarantee you.

That is the reason today, I’m giving my 100% fair musings in my HostGator audit where I’ll address the question, “Is HostGator good?” Well, to find out, stay tuned.

Welcome to Self Publishing with Dale, and if you want tips and strategies for publishing your own books,  What web hosting service do you use?

Also, do you purchase our domain from the same provider as your hosting service?

Drop your recommendations in the comments below.

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain, and sharing my preferred online tools for web-hosting and domain names in HostGator.

HostGator is a Houston based supplier of shared, affiliate, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting.

In layman’s terms, HostGator is a place to store all your site data on special computers called servers.

All things considered, your site doesn’t simply skim around in the web ethos without a place to call it home.

Extra choices are accessible, in light of the estimating bundle.

all comes at a bit of a cost.

Rather than shame you for getting free web hosting or tell you why it isn’t a good option, I wanna tell you how HostGator is not at all expensive and can be quite affordable if used properly.


Set up the lowest priced site hosting:

Now, I’ll make it no secret, the HostGator Hatchling Hosting Plan costs about the same as their competitor, GoDaddy, and are considerably cheaper than their higher end competitor of Squarespace.


What’s more, with regards to getting your favored space name or web address, it gets down to nickels and dimes.

In fact, most good domain name providers will cost anywhere from a buck to 15 bucks for the first year, depending largely on how specialized the name is.

So, I won’t mince words with the fact that regardless of where you get your website name doesn’t so much matter,

as long as you’re willing to do a few extra steps if your web hosting is with another company.

I make it simple on myself and basically arrange my space names from HostGator since it’s simple to attach the domain to my hosting package.

Where you get the greatest value for your money is through the overhauled HostGator hosting package plan called the Baby Plan.

In the fundamental HostGator Hatchling Plan, you can append one area name, which means you’re limited to only one site.

That’s not a bad deal if you only wanna focus on one brand or one avenue for your business.

Since my business plan calls for multiple landing pages, websites, and affiliate marketing avenues, I need a hosting package that can hold numerous domain names.

That is the place the HostGator Baby Hosting Plan becomes possibly the most important factor.

You get unlimited domain hosting, meaning if you wanna set up 50 different sites, you can do that.

And since HostGator uses a variety of website builders, including my favorite, WordPress, it’s easier than ever to have a site that’s eye-catching and mobile friendly.

The last choice is basic nowadays of versatile innovation.

Here’s the killer part.

HostGator’s Baby Hosting Plan is just $5.95 every month for your first year.

After that, it increases about 12 bucks per month.

Be that as it may, even after the cost increment, that is not awful, particularly on the off chance that you utilize your site to build and grow your audience and customer base.

The question still remains, “Is HostGator good?”

The pros of HostGator include: One, Dirt cheap costs Seriously folks, on all hosting plans, HostGator includes WordPress hosting, free and unlimited email hosting,

and 24-hour online support as well as limited phone support.

Two, Answers everywhere It seems that everyone and their mother is using HostGator these days.

In this way, on the off chance that you have an issue, you’re just a pursuit inquiry far from your answer via video or online forum.

Three, eCommerce features Hey, if you want an easy way to monetize your business, then HostGator has a solution for all hosting packages in osCommerce or Zen Cart.

Extra choices are accessible, in light of the estimating bundle.

All that to say this, you don’t always have to send people to Amazon, Apple, or other online retailers when you can fulfill the orders yourself. Extra choices are accessible, in light of the estimating bundle.

One, The learning curve I had already mentioned in the HostGator benefits that answers are everywhere, and that there is online support.

So, one can assume that it’s not a simple turnkey operation, and you have some work ahead of you when you invest in a hosting package through HostGator.

The control panel, also known as the C panel, is packed with features, most of which, I don’t even know what half of them do.

But once you learn how to navigate through the C panel, you’ll know exactly how to add emails, attach a domain name to a hosting server, and so on.

What’s WordPress – How to set up WordPress:

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management and weblog business applications on the net.

Nowadays it had been 1st free in 2003 as a basic blog engine but has become a full-featured.

fully customizable website creation tool used by millions of individuals businesses and organizations.

Around the world, WordPress can be downloaded for free at and installed anywhere as the backbone for an entire web site.

It is open source meaning that all of its code and files are free to use customize and enhance all over the web.

Today WordPress powers extremely elaborate creative and corporate websites simple blogs.

and everything in between its powerful features includes a templating system thousands of free plugins search engine friendly link structures and more for businesses.

WordPress is an extremely versatile technology that helps them maintain content engage in social media perform well in search engines and minimize out of house costs.

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What’s a sub-domain:

What sub-domains and sub-directories are, as well as, breakdown, which ones should you use.

A sub-domain is a keyword dot your domain dot com.

A sub-directory is your domain dot com slash the keyword or category.

Think of it this way, if your blog is like mine and it’s on marketing, and you only have marketing related content.

All your topics and your categories for your URL structure should be your domain dot com slash whatever you’re discussing, slash blog, slash about, slash tools.

In my case, you would use sub-directories. Why? Because everything is around the same topic.

Now, the moment your site is on multiple topics, let’s say, you’re a directory, and you’re a directory that talks about food, but also cars.

You would do cars dot domain dot com, as well as food dot domain dot com.

The reason you want to break it up into sub-domains is that they’re on totally different topics.

Think of a sub-domain as a different site, even though it’s on the same domain name that you’re telling.

Google and search engines that, hey, this is off topic, so I’m going to create a sub-domain for this section of the site and treat it like a different site.

When we did SEO tests, what we found is, when you’re doing sub-domains versus sub-directories, roughly 90% of your link juice transfers through a sub-domain,

but when you’re doing a sub-directory 100% of your link juice transfers through.

If your site is on multiple topics, you want to use sub-domains.

Reason being is, Google likes ranking niche websites better than authority sites that talk about everything,

unless you have a ton and ton of links, like a Wikipedia.

But if you’re talking about pizza, food, cars, even if you have a domain authority,

you’re not going to rank that high, right?

The Huffington Posts and the and CNN’s get away with it because they have so many links, but you’re not going to have that.

So, for that reason, use sub-domains when you want to do different topics.

If you don’t want to do different topics, and you just want to stick to one niche, do sub-directories.

How to use the WordPress dash panel and toolbar:

When you install wordpress and run your Blog. Your Dashborad and Toolbar is like this-


how to start blog

Here is you manage all of your website like write content,install plugin,install theme.

How to discover and personalize a WordPress theme:

At first you can click Appearance and click Theme for discover and personalize a WordPress theme:

How to discover and personalize a WordPress theme


The second thing is select add a new button for install WordPress theme:


How to discover and personalize a WordPress theme

The 3rd step is Choose a Beautiful theme for your Niche related theme or your Upload own Theme:

How to use plugins(What and How  to utilize plugins:)

WordPress in this article I will show you exactly what a plug-in is what it does and how it works are you ready.

let’s get to work first of all what are plugins a plug-in is a little bit of pre-written code that provides a specific function to your website.

it’s like a little piece of software that you can add to make your website better examples of plugins include SEO by Yoast Akismet or WooCommerce usually a plug-in consists of a folder containing multiple PHP files that are uploaded to the WP content/plugins directory.

A plugin must be both installed and activated.

before it will work instead of adding a lot of code to your functions PHP file which is one of the master WordPress files in your theme.

you add the plug-in instead the code lives inside of the plug-in and it can be updated separately.

as needed without affecting any other functions that are a part of your theme this is pretty awesome especially.

when it comes time to change your theme if some of your functionality lives in that plug-in.

you can change themes at any time and still maintain that functionality by reusing the plug-in.

you can pretty much do anything with a plug-in but you do want to be careful which plugins you add to your site.

Too many plugins will cause your site to be bloated and slow and there are some plugins in the WordPress plug-in directory that are very old and are not maintained or updated.

So as a note be sure to keep all of your plugins that you do have installed up-to-date WordPress will notify you in the dashboard.

when updates are necessary when you see a little red number like this next to your plug-in menu in the dashboard you know it’s time to update a plugin.

 how to use plugins – How how to utilize plugins:

How to edit and add posts:

In  the Dashboard you can click Post option and simply Add New button:

how to add and edit your blog posts and I’m using WordPress here on a website.

so now we’re starting at the dashboard so when you first log into WordPress.

How to edit and add posts:

This is going to be the first screen that you come across and so to get to the blog posts.

There are different ways but what I’m going to do is on the left-hand side here.

I’m going to hover over posts and I’m going to choose all the posts.

and then when I do that I’m going to get a list of all the posts that are written so far and I’m going to start with editing.

one of these posts so I’m going to hover over the title I’m going to click Edit.

now it’s going to bring up this post if you need to edit the title you can do that here do you want to edit the permalink.

you can edit that here and we’re going to just keep those the same.

and you’ll see that the text from the article is right here on the right-hand side.

I want to point out the different categories so if you need to add a new category you can do that.

here you can also add tags and these are searchable tags within WordPress.

so you’ll want to add a few of those so what I did was I added tags based on the words that were most used in the article.

the other thing that you’ll notice is this featured image.

so if I want to change that featured image.

Edit and Add posts:

I can go ahead and click that and then the other area that I want to point out to you is this Yoast SEO.

which is search engine optimization and so you want to be sure and edit this for every blog article.

so the first area that we come across is this snippet preview so this would be like for example what will come up in a google search.

and you’ll see you the title the URL and then the description.

so I notice first of all that my description gets kind of put off so I’m going to go ahead and edit that

and I’m gonna go ahead and just shorten it and you’ll notice this bar that’s orange turns green.

and so that’s what we want to see in Yoast there really likes that green light.

I mean like let’s go and so that means we’re doing a good job.

I chose a keyword of precision medicine so you can change your keyword here depending on the article.

the analysis area down below gives you some information on what you can do to improve your SEO.

so it says the images on this page do not have alt attributes containing the focus keyword.

so, in that case, I’m going to go ahead and change that so that my image has the same description.

as the title when I go ahead and click on that featured image and here’s where I can change it.

I’m going to change the title and just for ease.

go ahead and change the alt text on the description.

click set featured image and you notice that it’s changed.

so to me, there are some other things here that you can also play with and these are just the most important.

we want to change the readability tipple look at that if you like and you want to click update to save all the changes.

all right I’m told that is pretty much it if I want to add a new post I can click add new and again you just start here with the title.

you can add your text right here in the box below that you want to be sure.

and click the categories add your tag set your featured image if you need to upload the file if it’s right here on the left.

so you probably want to use a new image and then you can edit your snippet and your focus keyword the readability in this area.

you can also set this to schedule when it’s published.

so you can edit this change the date and time click OK.

and then hit publish you change the date to a future date it will say schedule and then it’ll just schedule that for you in the future.

when that is in a nutshell what you need to know to add and edit your blog posts

How to create and personalize menus:

At First, You  can create a Menus Like your blog name. And then Add your Page About us,contact us,Privacy Policy Etc .

Now your Page is ready.

How to create and personalize menus

How to add pictures, video, audio, alongside other media:

You can just add your Video,music,audio.

How to add pictures, video, audio, alongside other media.

If you new in WordPress just follow the steps of this article.

If you like this article Plz share this.

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