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Hello Readers, welcome to my website. Today in this article I will discuss how you can start a blog or make money with it. There are a lot of articles you see that all the blogger has its own opinion and share their ideas. You will see 100 of 99 percent of people are failing in blogging because of bad ideas or not a proper knowledge about how to start blogging or how systematically keep going in this field. Today in this article I am sharing with you all the mistakes and steps about blogging so keep reading last.

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The number of the first step is that to choose a proper Niche. Without a good niche, you can’t grow your blog or website.

When you pick up a niche it is important to think that What you wish to be fashionable or your interest. If your interest in tech or beauty or health then you start a blog with this type of niche.

Some profitable niche in 2018:



3)Traveling .etc

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The domain is the second most important steps in blogging. If you choose a profitable niche then next you will buy a good domain name.which in future, it’s going on a find your domain websites like,, etc.if you can convert your website to the brand then I must be recommended you that you will be buying a high quality .com or .in  domain.



Hosting is another important step you that when you start a blog. There are many hosting companies provides good hosting at a cheap price. Every new choose a free platform to manage his/her websites. But I highly recommended you that you will purchase your domain to manage your website. If you no money to buy hosting then you go to BLOGGER platform. In my opinion, in hosting, I would like to tell you that Shared hosting is the best for you if you start a new blog.its lowest price is 600-700 per month. If you asked me to which hosting is better then I will tell you that in my opinion or another famous blogger Hostgator, Bluehost, Bigrock or Godaddy is the best hosting ever.



WordPress is the biggest platform to create and manage your website. When you start a new blog then I will be recommended you that platform is best to create your blog. Almost every blogger using to create his/her blog or website. you know WordPress provides the much more beautiful free theme to provide which your website look stunning.



Every successful blogger says that the content is king.when you start blogging the very much important to know that when you write beautifully than your viewers come to your site, again and again, so you must write good content for your readers.

All famous blogger highly recommended that you must write a problem-solving content when your readers are helpful for your blog. It is true that content depends on your website plz focus your content and fire it on google.



the keyword is another important step to rank your website on google, bing or yahoo. If you wish to you that your content on the top of the search engine then you will research your golden keyword. when you find your best keyword then it was hopeful to think that your website is top on google.

If you are new to the blogging field then I recommended you that the best platform to search you keyword that was Google Keyword Planner. These tools provide you a huge keyword list when people actually search in google. So you must be using this tool to use keyword research. The variously paid keyword tools are available which you help to find a profitable keyword they are-Ahref, Semrush tool. This was the best tool ever to search Keyword for your website.


In the upper six steps, all the steps are important when you start a new blog. I think you will great knowledge about how you can start. if you follow in all these steps and then implements it on your website you will be a success in your blog and make money for it.

In the future, I cover all the mistakes and secrets about blogging which follows top bloggers and success in his/her blogging keep with us. If you any query about blogging then plz Email me.


Hi, my Name is Abhijit Sarma. I am a Passionate and Pro Blogger from India. I would Like To Share My experience of my Blogging and some Tutorials like Blogging, Technology Adsense, Tips & Tricks, SEO Etc.

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