How to write SEO friendly content 2018-2019


Hello buddies,

Did you know how to write SEO friendly article?

if you don’t, Don’t worry I will discuss step by step in this article.

Written an SEO friendly article is most important for the rank of your website.

without SEO friendly article you can’t rank your website.

Most bloggers write content without SEO. That’s why Your content does not Rank on Google.


Methods to write SEO friendly article:




Keywords are most important for writing a blog post. Without Keywords you can’t write an Article.

There are so many tools to find keywords for the write blog post.

Proper keywords help you to rank your post.

Most of your competitors on the internet but you can bet your competitors through your golden keywords.

Google Algorithms are secret!  you didn’t know how you rank your Post 100%.

But you can follow your already ranking websites.

How they can write?

how they can Maintain them.

That’s why I am talking about Keywords for Ranking your Post.

The two types of keywords are available:

  • Long Keywords 
  • Sort Keywords

Long keywords must help to Rank your Post. They automatically Rank your sort Keywords.



Tittle is the most important part of your blog post.

A Good title decides your users to the most click of your website.

Always write your Tittle in H1 Tag.

H1 Tags is the right Tag for your Blog.which is to help you to the rank of your Post.

                  “Ex: How to make money Online”


Permalinks are the second most important topics for your Blog Posts.

when you write a blog, then all the blogs topics are its own URL.

if you not defined your URL then your blog doesn’t access users.

So, Always put your title on your blog posts Permalink.

“ to make money Online”


The article is the main things to boost your post on the internet.

you must be written minimum 2000 words in your content.

If you have more than thousands of words of your blog then your blog will add values of your sites.

Rank always depends on your sites words.

You must create a Table of content of your blog.

Then the user can happy to read.

The Most Important Methos to write an article:

  • Introduction
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

This is the most important parts when you write your blog post.


Images play an important role in your blog.

Did you know today’s in the blogging field videos are so demanding?

Users can happy to see videos not read the text.

Images are also spending time the users of your blog posts.

So, Create your own Images of your blog.


Tages is also an important part of Blog Post.

The user can access your blog post through tags.

without any tags, the user can’t access your site. So, You must be added tags of your Blog Posts.

This is the Five tips to Write your blogs.

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