Navratri Wishing scripts Free Download and Earn 2018:(Pro Script)

Navratri Wishing scripts Free Download and Earn 2018:(Pro Script)Hi friends, today I give you a free Navratri Pro Script in this article. Which is the shareable or FB app? Yes, it’s free. Bdw I give you the following Navratri Wishing Script. If I give you this to use, are you set up on your blogger? If you haven’t didn’t then Don’t worry. I am explaining to you on Step by Step.

No 1:

Choose a Platform to run your script. Today In this Article, I am explaining How you can you set up On Blogger Platform.

a) Sign IN

b) Choose Your Script Name: For Example “Navratri Wishing Script”

c) Choose Your Domain Name: For Example “Navratri wishing script”

d) Now you go to the theme section and paste your Script  Code and save it.

E) Now you go to the HTML Section and paste it.

F) At last, you can change your mobile option and select it “No. Show desktop theme on mobile devices.”

when you follow all my setup and at last you join a ads network and paste the ads code on the script and share it whats app and facebook.

Scripts Features:

1) Adsense Friendly.

2) What’s app share button.

3) FB Share button.

4)Change image GIF, JPG AND PNG.

5)Change Background.

6)ADD Music on the script.

7)Time option.

Download script clicks the link below:



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