SEO Tips and Tricks for Blogger

SEO is the main thing for the blog, so there is no SEO available for SEO or no documents can be sent.

It’s a 10 percent hot blog post, it’s promotion, advertising, social share, SEO ‘s best.

To add a search engine to the top of the page, don’t post

If you blogged your blog successfully, you have the right to ask for it, which means that you even asked for the SEO. Make the most of SEO.

If you have any questions or suggestions for SEO, please send your website an email to SEO:

In this Post, you have some tips or tricks in my book, but you can follow up to the SEO community in your blog’s High-Rank.

SEO Tips And Tricks To Get High Rank Your Blog:


1. Optimize Image:

When you upload an image, you can add it to the SEO Friendly Image by compressing, type Caption, ALT Tag Add.

The search engine that contains the tags on the web page of Google.

2. Proper Anchor Link:

If you have any questions, click here, Go, Link and then click here to add the title to the title.

The link to the Bounce rate of the website also makes a difference.

3.Permalinks (Post URL):

Permalinks (Post URL) are either clean or clean, or you have no specific words, ”,’? that! ”’ ”

4. Don’t Use Underscores(_):

The URL Me Underscores also helps us to understand that when we use it, we can use it as well that we have not read it yet.

If you want to find a search engine without paying any of the SEO engines or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or if you want to search for an underscore () and then search for it.

Hyphens (-) Use in the link.

5. Write Search Description:

It is also possible for the High Rank or Visitor Panel. Let me show you how to add a separate engine or visitor to me or what I do when you’re looking for a Google search, I’ll add a new title to the title or the other two lines.

that is why it is hot. If you click on any of your pages, please click here.

Use the SEO Yoast Plugin to add Description to WordPress. Blogger has been unable to add a description to the Search Description.

6. Use H1, h2, h3 Tags in Post:

Post Me From One H1, h2, h3 Heading Tags format.

7. Use the main keyword:

Ranging factor on the page Uses the same keyword as the keyword.

Please use your keywords and your keywords. The main keyword of the title, description, permalink, image, paragraph is used.

8. Remove or Update Duplicate Content:

Your blog is either full text or you have a regular new article, but I want a copy of the changed article, but this is the new one.

The search engine was confusing, but it was not already included.

If you want to update or delete this post, please delete the link from our link to the 301 links and click on the new post.

9. Do Not Copy From Other Site:

Never give a copy of any website, but you have no option other than to do so.

With the help of SEO, you need to find a search engine with a blog and a blog search.

10. Create Video & Embed Blog Post:

Add video to your post.

11. Use the Google Keyword Tool:

Google’s Keyword Tool is a list that will be sent to you.

12. Avoid Many Ads:

A new Fresh & Clean content visitor, or an advertiser, or another language or community visiting.

We couldn’t comment on Blogger’s blog.

13.Set-up And Use Search Console:

You can search the Google search page from your site by clicking on your search engine to search the website.

This account is available at the end of the year from the Google Web Search Console.

From the Site Map, click on Fir search console.

If there is a problem with this problem, please search in the search box for a question from me, then I can see what I see.

14. Set-up and Use Google Analytics:

Add your Google Analytics information to the activity of your blog.

Google Analytics captures all your blog audience. So you can add attention to your blog and idea about the audience.

Our website has been added to the Google Analytics Blog/website.

15. Get Keyword Idea than Analysis:

Choose the keyword to choose the keyword you want.

You can contact the person, the visitor or Ristador to get an idea of this.

If you have any problems with Google Keyword Planner, you can display it using the Google Keyword Planner or you can access the same directory.

16. Add Social Button:

Please click here to add or share social buttons on your website so that you can visit any of your friends by visiting your website or posting on any of your social network websites.

17. Blog Loading Speed:

If the site has time to load, do not click on any of your existing sites.

Or load time to search the site where you removed the search from the site, even if you want to search for the site.

You can read more about loading your website at Google Page Speed.

18. Comments other Blog:

If the site has time to load, do not click on any of your existing sites. Or load time to search the site where you removed the search from the site, even if you want to search for the site. You can read more about loading your website at Google Page Speed.


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