Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Hello Friends, At first welcome to my blog. Today In this article I will discuss Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers.

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Blogging is Hard. But as well as it is amazing if you gain all tricks and techniques. But we have a lot of problems faces the new bloggers. They didn’t know about how properly manage their blogs. So here are the some Google Chrome Extensions helps you to manage properly to your blogs. You can just apply and see the results. Chrome provides a lot of amazing tools and extensions which helps you in your work.

If you will be a Professional Blogger in Future, You always know one thing without Tools or Extensions we can’t manage properly our blogs and can’t grow fast. So, tools are the most important parts of Blogging.

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers:



Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Grammarly is the best tools/Extensions For blogging. We have a lot of grammatical mistakes when writing a blog post, Emails, job letters etc.

Grammarly helps you to find mistakes and correct your all mistakes. It is embarrassing to find grammatical mistakes in the content you just published or the email you just sent.

Today’s Success in blogging you must write Quality content with the right grammar. Meaningless Content is always growing down so you must write good content. Always remember Content is King.

It is simple to use. You just Sign up with your Gmail ID.

Did you know what is the good think about Grammarly, it’s always free. If you pay then you have many features. But I must say that using as free is Good for new bloggers.



Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

You have already heard about is tools right?

If you don’t then I will explain. Basically, Buffer is the Social Media Management tools. It allows you to manage all of the social media account like-Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, Twitter, Instagram just one click.

If you didn’t know about buffer and Problem with you to share your blog post on Social media platform then you must be using this tools.

When you install  Buffer extension on your browser, it allows you to share your post just one click.

If you are wasting time to share social media platform to your post, then I must recommend you to use this extension.

3.Keywords Everywhere:


Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Keywords Everywhere are the best tools ever in Keyword researching to your Blog and Youtube.

It helps you in finding a lot of amazing Keywords which you using and Rank No #1 on Google.

Did you know to find keywords and Rank on google, bing, yahoo is how difficult for new bloggers? But using this extension you find quickly your Ranking keywords.

It shows you keywords Volume, CPC and Competition. You must trust 100%  in this extension for finding your golden keywords.

It also helps you in finding keywords for Youtube videos. A lot of tricks and tips are available to apply for this extension which helps you to find the best Keywords.

4.Gmail Sender Icon:


Gmail Sender Icon is the best Extension for managing your emails through Icon.

There are a lot of Icons available to apply your Gmail.

If you are a youtube or a blogger then every day you will have new emails from your clients. But you didn’t know who mails you quickly but using this tools you can manage your all the Gmail messages through particular Icons.

Plz see the Pic Below for details:

5.Awesome Screen Shot:


Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Awesome Screen Shot is the best chrome extension for taking Screenshot.

It’s offer tons of option, easy to use and is totally free.

The best things about this tool are it provides a number of option when it comes to taking ScreenShot.

It is Easy to create Professional looking ScreenShot.

It takes Screenshot hole page, Selected area and visible area of the whole screen.

It is the Perfect tools to use easy and simple for taking Screenshot.

6.Similar web:


Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

If You are a Blogger then You must know about Silimar Web.

It is the best tools to find any Websites Engagement like Estimated Visitor, Time on Site, Page per Views, Global rank, Bounce rate.

Using this tools you have the idea about any websites.

It is showing you all the traffic, Sources, Geo, Reference links, Ads on that website just one click.

You can install this Extension on your Chrome Browser and just type any website URL and see all the details about that particular website.

7.Google Publisher Tool:


Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

I will really impressive this Extension, did you know why?

If you using Google Adsense for Monetize your Blog then you will love this Extension.

It blocks your ads directly from your Websites.

It is the best tools for ads views of your own websites.

It gets a bird’s eyes overview of your account right from your own websites.

It adds overlays on your ads to display basic information about Display URL, Ads Size and Advertizer’s Name.

See an unsuitable ad and Blocked it right from your website?

8.Search By Image ( By Google):

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Search by Image is the best tools to search web images.

According to your research, You can make more or less use an extension. Search Google and find your right images its take time a lot so here is this extension helps you to find Images just one click.

Once You have activated this Extension, you can search for any web Image.

9.Ad Block:


Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Ads are always annoying.

you can make use of Adblock Pro and get all the ads out of your way. I’m sure you’ll be able to focus better with all the noise gone.

Imagine having to visit 10 ad-cluttered websites while researching. Enough to turn you off right? But there’s an extension to avoid this.



Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

If you are a Blogger then you can hear about this Extension.

It is the best tools to Provide insight into how your content is Performing.

Using this Extension, When you are on the webpage click this particular extension to show how many backlinks and social shares to a piece.

This Extension provides an easy way to see your content engagement you could also use BuzzSumo to perform competitor analysis to uncover strategies that might make your content more shareable.

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