Top 10 Profitable Niche To Start Blogging 2018-19:


Top 10 Profitable Niche To Start Blogging 2018-19: 

Hello, friends today in this Article I will discuss how you can start blogging with a profitable niche in 2018-19.

In my BlogTechOnline Blog, I analyze all the important things, tips, and tricks, some unique ideas on how you can start blogging I share with you.

Most People when starting Blogging they have no ideas, how to start, what topic I choose to start blogging. So I can provide You below 10 profitable Niche to start blogging today.

Today, Everyone chooses and pick up a Tech blog or Mobile phone review blog. But in present working in a tech blog is not a  good many people work on tech or mobile reviews.

The competition is very high. you can’t rank your blog easily. If you’re new to blogging, choose a new niche and rank is so difficult. If you succeed in blogging carrier quickly then it’s important to choose a profitable idea. Without a good niche, you can’t succeed in blogging.

Let me tell you one thing, you can start blogging which you will be fashioned about it. It’s Easy to maintain or manage your blog so pick up one which you can like and provide helpful content.

Ok then, Now in Below, I discuss Top 10 Profitable niche to start blogging. If you are interested then pick up one and start blogging.

1)Traveling Blog.

2)Parenting Blog.

3)Health Blog

4)Home Decorating Blog.

5)Politics News Blog.

6) Personal Finance Blog.

7)Gift Ideas Blog.

8)Trending News Blog.

9)Domain and Hosting Review Blog.

10)How to make money online Blog.


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1)Traveling Blog :

Traveling Blog is a Good Niche to start Blogging Todays. Because In the world Everyone traveling one way to another way. But they didn’t know how they can visit that place.what are the difficulty and good things is there in that place. So you can review places through the Blog. Its really help people to know about different places. So, in my opinion, is to start travel blogging is really a Profitable Niche for you.

Now we talking about income for Traveling Blog. Let me tell you guys there is huge money to earn through travel blog.

1) Adsense, through the adsense you can generate a lot of income. You can join different ads network and paste your ads on your site.

2)Review, In travel blogging you can review different places hotels, log and earn really huge money.

So if you interested in a travel blog then start today and write about different places.

Working on travel Blogging the most benefits is that you can travel offer to visits different country for free.

2)Family/Parenting Blog:

Family/Parenting Blog is a unique idea or a Profitable Niche to start blogging. In family Blogging, today’s world so many parents do not know in a busy life how they can maintain their life with love and peace. So if an expert about family or parenting maintains then you can start a blog and write how they can live their life. It’s really a good niche to start blogging.

In parenting Blog, there is a lot of traffic you generate in this type of blog. Because of Every family has faced many problems but they don’t know how to maintain their life. So You can write good content and start a blog.

The main income source in this blog is Ads. The various Ads network are available in the market. So you can join one and paste it on your site. I must say that you can generate good income for this Niche blog.

3)Health Blog :

In 2018-19, Health is one of the best Topic or Profitable Niche to start Blogging. Every day thousands of people search on google county-wise, city wise to health-related problems. If you expert in this topic then you can start a blog and write content on how they can maintain their life with good health. There so many tips and tricks are available in health-related so you can explain people with good content.

A lot of health-related blogs is available and their traffic is good. Now you will start a health blog or gain huge traffic is very easy. Because all people have a lot of health problem. If you provide good content your site is going up and rank it easily. It depends on your write beautiful and helpful content.

In Health Niche, The main income source is the adsense. If you any adsense account than pasting the code on site and earn the good income.

The second one is you can join the different affiliate program and sell products and you can directly commission for the selling of products. Its a good income source with Heath blog.

4)Home Decoration Blog:

The home decorating blog is also a unique idea or a profitable niche to start blogging in 2018-19. So many people think it does not generate income but I told you guys it really generates huge money. Nowadays, Everything is searchable right, so when people bought a new home or apartment, flat than search how they can decorate their home. I research about this niche and I gain a lot of searches on google how they can decorate their home so you can start blogging this Niche its really a profitable Niche in this time. So if you’re an expert or know how we can decorate a home beautifully then start a blog today and provide helpful content for people.

The main income source is in home decorating blog is that Affiliate marketing. There is a lot of Home decorate products available in the market you can pick up different products and link it on your blog and its really give good income.

The second Income source is that Ads. Join a ads network and put the ads code on your site and earn money.

5)Politics News Blog:

In this time, Politics is best for you to start a blog. It’s really a money making and Profitable Niche to start Blogging. You can see the Politics are always top of the news because of every day we have seen different types of news in Trending. People are the huge amount of searches in Google in polities. So if you are interested in politics than analyze every day and write about ministers, governments News which are trends. I personally told you guys there is no other blog is compare politics blog. it’s always searchable and huge traffic you gain this Niche.

The main income source is the politics blog is Adsense.

6)Personal Finance Blog:

Personal finance is also a unique idea or Niche to start blogging Today. In today’s everyone has income right. But In some people has not to know how they save them money. How can we manage our lifestyle with less or huge money? There are a lot of difficulties are the face when we income.we don’t know how we can save our money when we income less money. So through a blog you expert or interested in how we finance then you can start a blog in This profitable niche.

In this, you can start affiliate to huge income like Credit Card affiliate and different types of affiliate

to income personal finance Blog.

you as a bank lead you can earn money.

And the third income source is  Adsense.

7)Gift Ideas Blog :

Gift ideas blog is an interesting Blog Niche to start blogging. There are so many festivals or marriage ceremony or many more events are their different countries. There are different types of occasions we see in India which we can provide Gifts If you interested in this niche blog then you can write about the interesting article. how we can impress anyone to different occasions on a special person. There are a lot of searches I have seen people search for gifts. You can provide ideas for people to how they can surprise with a gift for Mom, father, girlfriend everything you can explain through the content of your blog.

There is a lot of money to earn this type of blog through an affiliate. You can promote gift products and earn money.

The second sources are Adsense.

8)Trending News Blog :

Trending news Blog is always top on Google. It’s really a profitable Niche to start blogging. Every day has a lot of news is trending like tech news, politics news, gadget’s review news many more News are trending. So if you research daily and provide good content your blog then your blog is top of the search engine and you make a really good income. The searches of this type of blog are gain huge traffic. Always provide interesting Content for your trending News which people actually search.

The main income source for this type of blog is Adsense. There is a lot of money you make through adsense.

The second thing is You provide Guest Posting For your website. You can generate a lot of Backlinks through the Guest posting and reach high to your blog.

9)Domain and Hosting Blog :

Domain and Hosting is also a best and Profitable Niche for Start Blogging. Domain and hosting websites are always gain high traffic. Every day in google huge amount of searches I have about hosting and domain. Thousands of website or Blog make daily and buy hosting and domain. At first when people make a blog then obviously search for good hosting and domain. And the coupon.If you interested in Writing about hosting and domain then start blogging with this Profitable Niche. you can also provide coupon about different hosting and domain. This is an evergreen Niche for start blogging.

The main income source is Affiliate marketing. You can review or promote the different type of hosting company and make a good income.

The second source income source is Adsense.

10)How To Make Money Online Blog :

How to make money online blog is Evergreen Profitable Niche for start blogging. This is the first and last Niche to start blogging. If your knowledge about how we can online to make money, then you can write good content about different sites, different skills which people earn money at home.

There are different site are available on the internet like, there are a lot of freelances jobs are available but people don’t know how to make money through this site. How we can work properly so many details are written and provide people through your blog. So if you interested in this Niche then start it. its really grow fast.

There is a lot of money to earn through this niche blog. Specially Affiliate marketing. There are a lot of affiliate programs are available internet whose using you on your blog and huge income to earn daily,

The second income source is Adsense. You place ads on your site and earn a really good money daily basis.


There are the lot of Ideas you have seen but you always work on those particular ideas whose you can interest. which you will be fascinated. Then we will be work better and you generate new things and new tricks. If you pick up a different niche which you will be not interested then your blog is no future. You haven’t implement your ideas which you are not interesting. So Pick up one and Start it.



Hi, my Name is Abhijit Sarma. I am a Passionate and Pro Blogger from India. I would Like To Share My experience of my Blogging and some Tutorials like Blogging, Technology Adsense, Tips & Tricks, SEO Etc.

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