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TRP Full Form: What is the Meaning of TRP?

[TRP Full form] What is the meaning TRP?

Hello guys, In this article we talk about TRP. You often hear that on TV these words. Most people don’t know about the meaning of TRP and what is TRP? If you don’t know about TCP then you visit the right place. Here we detail discussion about TRP Full form.

The TRP full form is the Television Rating Point(wiki). It is a tool which provides or calculate the Popularity or viewers of any television channel. You hear about the Kapil Sharma show right. kapil Sharma show viewers and the popularity is too high and this is the most viewed tv show on Sony TV Channel. So, Compare to other serial or show and television channel Kapil Sharma show TRP is high. The calculation of the TRP is to record the time and views of this show the first day to the period of 30 days.



Methods of calculating TRP:

There are two methods of calculating TRP.

  1. Frequency calculated Method.
  2. Picture Matching Technique.

1.Frequency calculated Method:

This is the first methods of calculating TRP. Frequency calculated tools are very expansive. It is also called a People’s meter. It detects all the views and watches of any TV Channels and Program. After that, a 30 days period of time channels views status are calculate and Show the TRP Rate.

2.Picture Matching Technique:

This is another one Technique of Calculate TRP. This technique is more reliable and comparatively new in India. In this technique, People’s meter captures all the data of a small portion of a picture, which is watched on particular TV Channels. After collecting all data from sample home and calculate the national rating.

How To Check TRP?

To Check, any channel TRP is calculated through People’s Meter. Did you know how people’s meter work?

If you have a Youtube channel or a website then you analyze all the viewers through google analytics, right? All the views of your videos, watch time, age of the people who watch the videos, likes and comments all the details capture through Google analytics. The exact method followed in the TV channels. All the details about views, watch time and showing ads calculation through People’s meter. So, through using people’s meter check TRP Of any serial or channel.

What is Effect of any Channel TRP Low and High?

Like Google Platform Youtube and Website owners income through advertisement.If you have millions of page views of any website and videos then your channel and website income high. Same In TV channels and Serials when TRP is high then Channel has a high popularity and high income. When any channels low views and low watch time then channels and serials have low TRP and Income this channel and serial TRP is down. Low TRP of any channel is the biggest loss of Money from Advertisers.

Like Sony, Zee TV, Star Plus all these channels Income through advertisement. TRP depends not on only TV Channels also depends on particular serials.

TRP Rating In India: (Full form of trp in India)

[su_table responsive=”yes”]

Rank(Example) Tv Serials Rating
1 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7068
2 Ishq Subhan Allah 5259
3 Dance + 8523
4 The Kapil sarma show 8753
5 kumkum Bhagya 11297


Final words:

So, I hope You clear that the meaning of TRP. TRP Full form is Television Rating Point which will use to calculate any channels and serials  Popularity. If you have any doubt about TRP please comment below and if you have any best knowledge about TRP then share with us on comments section.and also like share and subscribe.

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