Types Of Keywords in SEO [Keyword Research Full Guide]

Hello Readers, In this article, I am explaining about Types of Keywords in SEO. I think you all know about Keyword Researching, right?

If you new in Blogging and don’t know about Keywords type then you can’t SEO for that Particular Keyword or Create Content.

So If You serious to learn to blog and Earn Good Money from your Blog then you must know all the types of keywords.

Because keywords are only one thing which will help you to gain traffic from that particular keyword.

Everyone Putting effort time On-Page SEO, Of-Page SEO(Link Building), Email Outreach, Skyscraper technique, Broken Link Building.

I believe in all this technique for Grow your Blog is So Important. But Without A Good(Profitable) Keyword you can’t success For creating content and grow your Blog business.

So keep Doing Keyword Research First.

What is Keyword Researching:

Keyword Researching(Wiki) is Only One We plan which will be used and increase your blog traffic easily.

But the main thing of Keyword researching is when you create a blog or website and Provide content for the user then you want to find some topics or Keywords which will start writing.

So, Keyword researching is the most important thing for creating Valuable content and Increase your Blog Traffic.

I think it’s clear you to what is keyword researching, Right?

How To Do Keyword Researching:

Now the Most Common question asking all the bloggers is how we do Proper keyword researching?

So the answer is Using Tools like-Google Keyword Planner, Ubber suggest, Ahrefs for research your keyword.

So, If you new in blogging or you have no money to invest tools for keyword researching then you go with Google Keyword Planner Free platform.

Google Keyword Planner is an Amazing platform for Keyword research.

Don’t invest money for tools, You first go with Free platform and then when you make money then you go with Paid tools.

So, If you don’t know about Google Keyword Planner then Don’t Worry?

I will teach you to step by Step.

So Let’s Start-

1. First, Type In Google or simply Click “Google Keyword Planner” and SignIN.

2. Click Find or Put Keyword

Types Of Keywords In SEO:

There are different types of Keywords available they are:

  1. Short Tail Keyword
  2. Mid Tail Keyword
  3. Long Tail Keyword
  4. Seasonal keyword
  5. Evergreen Keyword
  6. Buyers keyword
  7. Navigational Keyword
  8. Transactional keyword
  9. Geo Targeted Keyword
  10. Trending Keyword

These are the Types of Keyword Researching will help you to understand Keywords for which one is using or which is not. All the types of keywords explain below:

1.Short Tail Keyword:

Short Tail Keyword is the first type of Keyword Research. Short Tail Keyword is difficult to monetize and Difficult to Rank.

If you want to Create a Blog and Write an article for short tail keyword then you must find a Low difficulty keyword.

Did you know why?

Because Short Tail keywords are always High Competitive. If you wish to Rank No #1 on google then it so hard for you.

Always remember All Short Tail keywords are not hard to rank.

There are so many Profitable Niche or topic available which have much volume but competition is very low.

So, if you doing proper research then you will find that type of short tail keyword which will easy to rank.

Now the good news is Short Tail Keywords are the Most Expensive. If you rank high on a short tail keyword then You make good money.

So, I highly recommend you to do keyword searching, I know it’s not easy for you but you will do this.

Keep Invest your time on researching.

Example Of Short Tail Keywords is Backlinks, Weight loss, Games, SEO.

2.Mid Tail Keyword:

Mid Tail Keyword is the Second types of keywords. In Mid Tail Keyword Carry Some information along with them.

In Mid Keyword is a type of keyword which is Two and three words Bonding and making keywords.

In this type of keyword is neither easy nor hard.

So, you are finding some keywords with a minimum of 3 or 5 Words or Implement that keywords on Your Content.

That’s why your traffic is boosted up and you will make money fast.

Example Of Mid Tail Keywords: Weight Loss Diet, Best WordPress theme etc.

3.Long-Tail Keyword:

Long-Tail Keyword is only one Keywords type which you will actually work them.

In Long tail keyword, User understands very easily.

it is Money Making keyword which will help you to rank and More profit.

long tail keyword also called as a buyers Persona Keywords.

If your new in blogging and don’t know about any SEO, Link building then Long tail keywords only one Way which you will rank your keyword and gain traffic easily.

The main thing is how we find long tail keywords for our blog post.

It’s not hard, it’s easy.

Just Using Google Keyword Planner, Ubber Suggest free Platform and research.

There are a lot of Long tail keywords available which will find and implement of your blog post.

Some Examples of Long Tail keyword is: Buy the best smartphone in 2019, Buy cheap iPhone in India, Best weight loss diet for moms, WordPress Theme for Teachers etc.

4.Seasonal Keywords:

Did you Know what is Seasonal Keywords?

If you are an old player in the blogging field then obesity you know about Seasonal Keywords.

So, Whose are don’t know about seasonal keyword don’t worry I will explain.

Season Means an event, occasion. So when a seasons come a season then People searches for that event for a Particular Keyword.

In seasonal keywords, When seasons come then the keywords search volumes are increased.

But that keywords not searchable on the whole year, its works only three to five days.

But mow the question is, Is Seasonal keywords are Profitable?

Yes, It gives you a huge profit.

did you know how?

You can’t believe that In a particular Event, There are millions of searches on google.

If you rank of your keywords then you can earn thousands of dollars.

Like Christmas, Black Friday is the huge selling of product which will help you to make a lot of money.

Some Examples of Seasonal Keywords are( Happy Diwali wallpapers, Happy New Year Wallpapers, Best Toys for Kids etc).

5.EverGreen Keywords:

EverGreen keywords are the best Keywords for Long Time Process. In evergreen keyword doesn’t matter any session like winter, summer, spring.

It’s a long term searchable means all time searchable keywords.which will help you to earn double profit.

If you think that to start a business or Strat a blog for long time then you will be using Evergreen Keywords.

Some Examples for Evergreen Keywords are(Best shoes for Bike, How to format a Pen Drive, How To Install Wndows) 7,8.1,8.0)

6.Buyer Keywords:

In simple words, The Buyer Keywords is Sales keyword.

Did you know why buyer keywords are Sales keyword?

Because Most of the keywords are a buyers.

These keywords are basically used for affiliate marketers, Bloggers or advertiser, who run ads or Keywords(Product) Bring sales.

When you search this type of keywords you will always see that most of the websites are running ads for sales.

If you are affiliate marketers or Bloggers them you must find Buyers keywords for Make Money through sales.

Most Of the coupon sites using Buyers keywords and make a huge profit.

Some Examples of Buyers Keywords are( Hostgator Coupon, Namecheap Coupon, Godaddy Coupon, Grammarly Coupon etc)

7.Informative Keyword:

Informative keywords are one of the types of Buyers keywords.

In simple word, Informative keywords are the Problem oriented keyword.

Did you know why?

Because Most the people search Internet keywords for solved their Pain, so they find the best solution for soled their problem. They didn’t know how to solve their problems.

Most of the Pro Affiliate Marketers using Informative keywords for Promote a Specific Product  and solved problem.

Affiliate Marketers Earn Huge money through Informatve Keywords.

Some Examples of Informative Keywords are (How to loss weight,how to install windows) etc.

8.Navigational Keywords:

Navigational Keywords is the other types of Buyers Keywords.

In Navigational keywords user or buyers less knowledge and information so search keywords to know more information about this product or information.

sapous we want to buy a hosting so i have knowledge about hosting but we don’t know what is the best hosting for me or their service so that’s why search people Navigational keywords.

9.GEO-Targeted Keywords:

GEO tagreted keywords are Profitable for Digital marketers and business owners.

Did you know why they profitable only for Digital Marketers or Business owners?

Let’s take an Example: you have a Digital Agency for website Development and App development or SEO Service for a specific location then In your specific area people search Keywords for service for a specific location.

Some Example of Geo Targeted Keywords are etc( Best Digital Marketing agency in Mumbi,Delhi)

10.Trending Keywords:

Trending Keywords are the Very Short time searchable Keywords.

Trdending keywords are the News related Keywords which will trending some time and then lose the traffic.

This  keywors traffic is too high and make huge profites in very sort time.

when something happend arround then this keywords people search.

Some Example Of Trending Keywords are ( Narendra Modi Speach In Delhi ) Etc.


This are the Top 10 Best Types Of Keywords Types in SEO.

keywords finding is not difficult. The millions of keywords search people, everyone. But you need to know about Keywords type to knowledge about what is the use intension or user need.

If you are a blogger or a digital marketer you must need to know how keywords are working or what people actually  serach.

There are lot of free and paid tools are available for Keyword reserach.

Google Keyword planner is the best  Keyword tool for free to use and Millions of keywords here which will be so much profitable but you need to know types also.

In paid Version, Ahrefs and SEMrush is the best tool ever. Which will help you to find lots of Valuable keywords which will use to rank easily and also check these keywords compititor also?

At last, I want to say that Tools provide lot of Keywords but Your Own process of research is Most important, which will be useful or not.so Keep doing Research your Own Way.

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